Our ambition is to provide the beverage sector with cost effective process equipment

The beverage sector the world's most innovative food area 2018

Source: XTC World Innovation Panorama

Our business concept

IDB AB is a newly started company that aims to become market-leading and to be competitive with a new generation of process equipment for the production, bottling and palletizing of beverages from above all vegetable raw materials. To achieve our ambitious goal, we collaborate with expertise both in Sweden and abroad.

It is important for us to be able to contribute to important environmental and climate goals. Our equipment is designed to be able to manufacture safe foods where the natural nutrients and flavors are preserved to the greatest extent possible.

We aim to be able to market some of our products in late autumn 2021.


Quality assured end product

  • Adjustable grade and hygiene degree of raw material
  • Recipe Management
  • Controlled killing of microorganisms
  • Quick change to the desired packaging
  • Traceability

High degree of automation

  • Only one operator is required to manually load raw material and selected packaging and to handle palletized packaging
  • Integrated automation helps the operator control and monitor all process steps with deviation reporting

Lower production costs

  • High capacity
  • Quick startup
  • Short set times
  • Modular design for easy conversion to desired end product
  • Low water consumption

Turnkey delivery

  • Buy & Drive
  • Food grade
  • Integrated HACCP / Certification
  • Integrated tanks for process and flushing water
  • Built-in cleaning system
  • Built-in water purification system
  • Compact equipment with mobile capabilities
  • Operator training included

Meet global environmental and climate goals

  • Designed for high resource management
  • Better utilization rate through increased exchange of raw materials
  • Reduced water consumption during manufacture and cleaning
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Minimal impact on the environment through a high degree of recycling of process equipment
  • Increased opportunity for local production
  • Reduced environmental impact when using biomaterials in packaging


The innovation

Our innovation is based on new technology for gentle handling and maximum raw material exchange, efficient production through a high degree of automation, better margins for profitability, competitive purchasing price and reduced costs for production premises.

New generation of process and packaging line.

Through the project "Competitive and sustainable processing of fruits and berries from raw material to packaged product", we have been given the opportunity to develop innovative process equipment for beverage production. The project has been funded by the Swedish Board of Agriculture within the EU initiative EIP-Agri. The work is conducted in an innovation group consisting of companies and experts with excellence in different areas.

About the company

IDB AB is owned and operated by Kent Vedefors and Kimmo Rumpunen. IDB AB started in early 2019 around Kent's and Kimmo's idea of developing modern, cost-effective and resource-efficient beverage manufacturing process equipment.


Kent Vedefors

  • Technical project manager


Kimmo Rumpunen

  • Expert drinks
  • Researcher
  • Plant breeder

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